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How You Can Help

Flyer Drop-Off: November 8

Boy Scouts, Venturers, Cub Scouts, and others will be distributing flyers to homes in Odessa and the yellow-sffsurrounding area.  Many Odessa Churches will also distribute flyers in their Church Bulletins on Nov 9th.  The flyer is a 3×8 sheet in bright neon yellow.  Like the image to the right.

Food Pick-Up: November 15

On Saturday, November 15, Scouts will go back to those houses to collect the your grocery bags and boxes filled with donated food. Please help by donating boxed or canned goods only (ex. peanut butter, tuna, soup, ravioli, beef stew, and other high-protein items). Nothing perishable, frozen or in glass.

Food collection begins at 10 a.m. so be sure to have your bag and boxes out early. Collection will continue throughout the day.

 Though this initiative is very large, the Scouts will not drop-off and pick-up everywhere. If you do not receive a flyer from the Scouts, please do not leave food on your doorstep. Instead, we hope you will participate by dropping off your donation at one of these locations:


We apologize if this is the case, but hope you will still participate by dropping off your donation at Patricia’s Foods in Odessa, or directly at Helping Hands of Odessa.

Scouting for Food is a project rooted in the very foundation of the Scouting movement. Through initiative and hard work, the Boy Scouts have developed a framework that can help feed local residents in need with emergency aid. For more information, please contact us at by clicking on the Contact link (above).


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